Brian Staby

Brian Staby - CX Nation
Brian Staby – CX Nation

My name is Brian Staby. I grew up in Marin County during the 80s. Mountain biking was just beginning to boom and I was at ground zero. I still remember tearing around Mt. Tamalpais in my first mountain bike– a Specialized Stumpjumper. Bored with the road racing scene I was looking for a new challenge, so I took up Cyclocross. I have been racing the Master’s 35+ A’s for the past four seasons. I am the team owner/racer with the newly formed CX Nation Cyclocross Team. I have raced nationally in the USGP and have been a regular attendee at the National Championships. I plan on continuing this schedule for 2017/2018 season  with my sights set on the National Championships in Reno, Nevada.

As many of you know, all this would not be possible without a supportive family at home. My wife, Andi, my daughters, Addison and Natalie,  plus our dog, Zoey, keep me grounded and always provide the support that is essential when competing in any sport.

Kristin Drumm

Kristin Drumm - CX Nation
Kristin Drumm – CX Nation

I grew up in Marin County and currently live in Novato. I race on the road as a Cat 1 and consider myself more of a “crit” rider, but I also enjoy mountain biking and, of course, cyclocross, where I race as a Cat 1 in the Women’s “A” and master’s fields, and won a national master’s criterium championship way back in 2004. My favorite cross courses are those that feature both technical and open sections that suit my “roadie” strengths. The Sierra Point night race has always been a personal favorite, although the courses at Golden Gate Park have always been fun. Professionally, I am a land use planner, which means I create red tape and herd cats. If you have ever tried to develop in Marin, you know what I’m talking about.


Sage Aldeberan

Sage Aldeberan - CX Nation
Sage Aldeberan – CX Nation

I was born in April 1975 in the coastal mountain range of northern Mendocino Co., raised by my mom, Yerba Santa in a remote and family like community. Having no electric power or related services created my kinship for the outdoors at an early age. As kids we rode bikes, but the mountain bike had yet to become available. My first one was Blue Specialized RockHopper with bio pace chainrings and deore thumbshifters. Then a red, gold and green “Jah Tomac” signature Tioga became my jr. race bike. There were N.o.r.b.a races, in Redding, CA (Shasta dam, Lemurian), which became an annual event for a few years.

At the end of high school the bike was gradually put away and I quit riding. Sadly the young adult life had no space for bike riding anymore. Fast forward 16 years, my first boy was born. Somewhere a thought formed that I needed to get a bike again. Riding was social and fun on flat pedals with no gear. Even though I tried to keep it contained, the desire to ride became stronger. One day walking by a bike shop I spotted a Greg Lemond “poprad” cross bike. Not knowing anything about cross I bought it, and rode it on single-track as a novelty. Somebody suggested it was a “cyclocross bike ” which I had to google to become aware of what it really was. The search results pulled up videos of Belgians riding/running in mud? As I was still perplexed about the running and barriers, I saw there was a Bike Monkey race in Santa Rosa. I decided to get a first hand lesson in this awkward and strange form of racing by entering that event.

Cyclocross has challenged me to learn more about myself than I ever thought, which has motivated me to stay on the bike and keep riding, especially with my kids and friends.

I live in the Northern California area with my beautiful Desiree, two sons West and Judo, our dog Cuba and Yaya is nearby. I enjoy black coffee, pasta, and dream about eating pastries and dark chocolate. Thanks to the love and support of my family, and the CX Nation I continue to suffer for cyclocross.

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